Service Cloud™

Provide excellent service and generate unique experiences.

Service Cloud is a platform supports your clients at all times across different channels. It transforms customer service in a comprehensive way and allows for personal, intelligent and effective client care through a flexible platform that tracks indicators and adapts to the individual needs of your business.

Generate personalized service based on specific context and channel.

Increase your agents’ productivity by providing them with the right tools to assist more clients in less time.

Supervisors and managers are able to make informed decisions based on detailed reporting and in-depth service analysis.

CLOUDCO + SERVICE CLOUD Quality commitment and support from start to finish.

Provide fluid customer service across messaging channels, social networks, your website and apps, in record time.
Keep your agents up-to-date on the status of each case with automatic notifications, enabling them to provide quick and responsive service to customers.
Enjoy a comprehensive view of all open cases and their status in real time with a personalized CRM platform.

Take your customer service to the next level.

Transform your customer relationships today!

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