Community Cloud™

Build communities and unique connections.

Build communities and connect them to each process within your organization with Community Cloud. Generate feedback from your customers, partners and collaborators while creating personalized experiences that optimize your sales channels and increase your productivity.

Create multiple communities – such as portals, help forums, or support sites – within your organization’s digital platforms while addressing important purposes for your brand, and connecting with your CRM.

Generate unique experiences by allowing your customers to participate and interact first-hand, while helping to strengthen your team’s strategies.

Define how you want your clients and collegues to access information and content.

CLOUDCO + COMMUNITY CLOUD Quality commitment and support from start to finish.

Optimize your business processes and connect collaborators, partners and clients in a simple and effective way.
Create content and spread it efficiently to people in your community across your different channels.
Integrate third party data, with personalized profiles and permissions for each.

Make the connections your business needs.

You’re only a click away from increasing productivity!

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